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In these ten stories set before, during and after the water wars between the sophisticated City of Los Angeles and the rural underdogs from the Owens Valley, the characters want one thing — to survive. Here are swashbuckling, daring and undisciplined explorers and miners, a former prisoner at a World War II relocation camp, abused and displaced Native Americans, and even one very ancient tree, brought together across time and terrain to tell their tales. Cover This Country Like Snow evokes the Wild West in its adventure, heroism and majestic mountain vistas. But where land and water are involved, so too is cowardice, greed and the violent ambitions of humanity to harness the power of nature — at any cost.

I intend this book for anyone who is interested in companion animals or remembering one. From dogs and cats, birds, rabbits, rats, and hamsters, to snakes, lizards, and fish, companion animals bring solace, calm, excitement, and often, hilarity and enjoyment, to our lives. Any book about losing your best friend must also be about the lessons in humility and acceptance that we learn through caring for a sentient being that is so in tune with our every need and emotion. Through this book I seek to illuminate what it takes to train and provide a safe home for a rescue dog, and how challenging and often humorous – usually in hindsight – the task. But I also aim to help anyone who is coping with the immense loss of their beloved animal through a short, easy-to-digest collection of vignettes about our phenomenal, and frustrating mixed-breed rescue dog, Connor. I wrote this book because his life, his impact on so many of my friends and family, and his soul are deserving of his own volume. I wrote about Connor to grieve him and get through the pain. I am still grieving, I am not “over it” and I am not sure I ever will be. I hope that reading about Connor affirms the value of animals in your life as well as the love they bequeath to us when they die. It is this priceless relationship between humans and our animals that teaches us how to bridge cultures and connect to one another, even when we have different value systems and expectations. Soft luxuriant fur helps.

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