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As the year draws to a close, I am grateful for words, Mojave Desert skies, brown bears, baptisteries, golden grape leaves, war heroes, eagles, canyons, colleagues, family, and for endearing and enduring friends. Here’s my new friend, Charles Finn, whose musings on just how certain we can be in this life lift me up. Charles is the editor of the High Desert Journal and recently published Wild Delicate Seconds: 29 Wildlife Encounters – purchase it here .

Memoir of a Raven

Time is running out and I admit I wasted my afflictions. But there’s nothing like drinking out of a fresh grizzly print to confirm that your life is on the right track. So I remind you that the days come and go, but mostly they go – it’s the minutes you must collect. The armature of your life will drag you along even as the plowshare of the days turns its one long furrow into forever. My advice is to keep pace. Don’t let up. As confused as you might be in life, as conflicted, in death there is no doubt.

Find an elk carcass and look inside.

No confusion there. I love the world for this, for the certainty that exists in us all.

~ Charles Finn

Charles Finn Raven

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